Tired of Being Fat

Today I’m tired of being fat.

Now, I’m not always fat.

But truth be told the last two years all of the accomplishments, and there were many, had a small low-grade level of depression underneath them.

Not clinical depression but just an annoying low-grade thing. This means of course things like exercise and healthy eating habits got thrown out the window and now I find myself in that position of having to lose weight – again.

The good news about this time – is it is just contained to the last two years. Seems I’ve worked through all of my childhood fat stuff via therapy. For that I’m most grateful.

This is just one of those things that don’t happen overnight. What I know is that I have to lose at least 35 pounds or 15.8757 kilos. It didn’t come on overnight and it isn’t going to get off overnight. The kilo number sounds smaller – so I’m going for that goal!

Rumor is that the way to do this is through a combination of diet and exercise. My inner fat child is of course screaming – fuck that shit. Yet my adult fat child is of course saying – yup – gotta do it.

So I started the process, yesterday. Part of it for me is to not isolate about it or hide. Thus, today’s diary entry. I promise that I will share the ups and downs of this journey. I know I’m not alone. I know there are people who have to lose more weight than me. I know there are people who have to gain weight. I’d gladly donate 10 pounds to 3.5 people to solve this problem.

Yes I could do it through surgery – but most likely I’d find myself back at the same challenge.

The lifelong challenge of having to change diet and create some type of exercise routine – has once again reared its ugly gluten-free head.

Anyway – everything good starts with a change of attitude and a sense of commitment.

I’ve enlisted the help of my friend Joe to be my trainer.

Have a great day. I wish no accidents on skinny people. Just skinny legislation – which fortunately has been defeated.