Toothache Story

trigeminal nerve

I was just thinking that until this back molar toothache, I knew nothing about trigeminal nerve.

And to be honest, I wish I still didn’t.

But it appears that this tooth can communicate with that nerve.

Of course it came on about 12 days into my daily video challenge of doing daily videos until August 1st.

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Understanding the Trigeminal Nerve

The trigeminal nerve, aka the face’s VIP hotline, is one of the biggest nerves in your head. It’s got three assistants that help you feel everything on your face and make sure you can chew your food without looking like a weirdo.

Think of it like this: one part handles your forehead and nose (the nose knows!), another takes care of your cheeks and upper teeth (hello, ice cream headaches!), and the last one manages your jaw and lower teeth (chew on this!). So, next time you feel a tingle or munch on a snack, thank your trigeminal nerve for being the ultimate multitasker!

Why Your Back Molar Toothache Feels Like a Drama Queen: The Inside Scoop!

A back molar toothache can feel like the ultimate face meltdown. Here’s why: your molars are like the heavy lifters of your mouth, grinding up all your food. So when something goes wrong back there, like a cavity or crack, it’s a big deal.

Plus, these teeth are super close to the trigeminal nerve, the face’s main hotline for pain signals. When your molar hurts, this nerve goes into overdrive, shouting “Emergency! Emergency!” to your brain. That’s why a toothache can make your whole face feel like it’s having a bad day!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress, but I see a tooth pull on this one. Zero desire to do a root canal near this nerve.